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Over his 30 year career, Brian has grown and transformed multi-million dollar organizations. His expertise on building engaged workforces and vibrant company cultures drives the adoption of an “employee-first” philosophy to ensure stellar outcomes.

"As a NASA employee, I was required to participate in many training sessions regarding leadership, project management and safety. Brian’s event beats them all. I know I will benefit greatly from the experience."

Keynote Topics

Leading People Safely: How to Win On The Business Battlefield

Building a vibrant safety culture is a hard-core business decision. Brian’s well-renowned keynote will provide your audience with hands-on tools to create and sustain a culture of prevention by developing and anchoring a behavior-based environment. 

Learning Objectives

In this powerful session, audiences will be able to:
• Recognize safety as a core value
• Learn strategies to engage your employees around your safety mission
• Identify and eliminate common safety dysfunctions
• Build a safety brand
• Readily capture close calls
• Understand that while you are compliant, you may not be safe
• Integrate safety-based technologies
• Apply safe and productive together: not an “either/or” proposition

Unbeatable Engagement: Building A World Class Company Culture

How can you “de-commoditize” your product or service, so that you compete less on price? The answers lie within your company culture. In a time when brand loyalty is on the decline, how can you keep customers coming back? How you deliver your products and services holds the key.

In this powerful keynote, Brian shares ways to build a world class company culture with incredible employee engagement. Brian focuses on practical concepts that any organization can implement for immediate results.

Learning Objectives

In this well received session, audiences will be able to:
• Create non-negotiable value alignment
• Hire and train for behavior
• Anchor company culture organization-wide
• Teach your team to “manage up”
• Lead change fearlessly
• Build engaged teams who consistently go the extra mile
• Apply compensation and advancement strategies that work
• Tear down silos between the executive team and employees

Safety From the C-Suite: Effective Safety Leadership In Today’s Risk Environment

Today’s companies are faced with a myriad of challenges: hiring and retaining the best employees, customer safety requirements, rising insurance costs, and a hostile litigation environment. To overcome these challenges, today’s executive must know how to lead people safely, and must do so without delegating the responsibility. Companies that make prevention and risk management core competencies enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage against their peers.

Brian provides a CEO perspective of effective safety leadership. He brings real-world perspectives to his audiences and shares ideas for business leaders to grow their safety cultures and positive outcomes.

Learning Objectives

In this popular session, audiences will be able to:
• Explore the real cost of an incident
• Identify gaps in safety perception
• Understand organizational factors that impact safety performance
• Understand why value-based safety leadership starts with you
• Capture the power of frontline opinion leaders to help build your safety culture
• Create a clear, understandable process
• Understand why you need to look at all incidents and close calls
• Capture leading indicators that will help you prevent loss
• Understand and eliminate what’s competing for safety

Roadmap To Fleet Safety

It’s not an “accident”. Crashes have their roots in behavior failures, shortcuts, and lack of respect for process.

Brian explores with the audience how employers can positively impact employee behaviors that lead to a reduction in crashes and promotion of positive outcomes.

Learning Objectives

In this practice session, audiences will be able to:
• Understand how companies can cause a crash
• Deploy fleet safety technology effectively
• Identify toxic behaviors that undermine safety
• Identify and eliminate what is competing for safety
• Create a clear, understandable process that everyone is accountable to follow
• Look beyond technical training
• Know how to eliminate distractions while driving
• Make safety personal and ensure your whole team is vested in safe outcomes

When “It” Hits The Fan: Best Practices To Control Loss Post Incident

In today’s litigation environment, companies must actively and aggressively participate in the loss control process. This cannot be delegated.

Brian leads an advanced level session from the operating company’s perspective using best practices formed over his nearly three-decade experience leading high consequence businesses. Participants will actively engage in this session and will leave with a toolkit of high value ideas to manage risk and build their bottom line.

Learning Objectives

In this hands-on session, audiences will be able to:
• Establish and adhere to a claims management process
• Engage with adjusters in the loss control process
• Deploy qualified experts
• Add light duty strategies
• Engage in the counsel selection process
• Understand how a plaintiff’s attorney approaches injury claims
• Use claim experience to build resilience
• Know why legitimate claims go bad
• Focus on all incidents to build organizational intelligence
• Rethink the role of insurance

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