Brian Fielkow

Investment In Your
Organization With Rapid Returns

Brian Will Help Your Company Achieve Extraordinary Results Through Tailored Consulting Services

Board Level Strategy & Execution

Improving operations can and should be achieved at every level of the organization. With tools and knowledge gained over decades, Brian guides executives with effective strategies and execution that goes according to plan.

Company Culture & Employee Engagement

An engaged and empowered team holds one another accountable and attracts the best candidates. Brian’s actionable advice leads to better morale and ultimately, a stronger, more profitable organization.

Safety Culture & Leadership

Safety is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must-have” to provide a strong organizational culture and the potential for increased profits and growth. Brian guides organizations to make safety a core foundation and value.

Enterprise Risk Management

Managing risk has now become a necessary core competency. Brian provides processes and methodology to manage risk and identify and seize opportunities to grow businesses strategically.

Organic Growth & Marketing Strategies

Brian will help your organization achieve organic growth with sales and marketing strategies.

Executive Coaching & Development

Brian is able to tap into his decades of experience and achievements to help develop and coach executives so they have the tools to succeed.

Unlock Potential To Maximize Performance

Key Foundational Elements For Sustained Growth

Become World-Class
Brian helps you uncover your ability to attract world-class customers

Reduce/Remove Risk
Applied practices of Brian’s program have resulted in Lower insurance premiums

Focused Growth
Learn how to spend more time growing your business and less time cleaning up the mess

Improved Retention
Gain efficiency and productivity with a strategy to increase employee morale and retention…for good.

Unlock Potential To Maximize Performance

Key Foundational Elements For Sustained Growth

Assess The Challenge

In order to achieve growth, or overcome a challenge, organizations need to understand what is preventing them from achieving sustainable success.

Develop Clear Strategies

Strategies should be clear and practical in application. They should return high value in the investment.

Implement Actionable Plans

Plans will be designed so that your organization can implement, starting with tailoring a plan to you and your circumstances.

Measure Success

Creating benchmarks that define success is a critical component. Deliverables are measured to these benchmarks to ensure a successful outcome.